Network Simulation

Switching to view mode

Select Mode, View from the menu or [Simulation view/run mode] from the toolbar.

Start the simulation

Select Simulation, Start from the menu or [Start the simulation] from the toolbar.

For stepping mode (which waits until the root ID on any of the bridges to change) select Simulation, Start (stepping mode) from the menu or [Start the simulation in stepping mode] from the toolbar.

Switching between these modes can be done from the toolbar using the same buttons or from the menu with Simulation, Normal Mode or Stepping Mode.

The keyboard shortcut key F3 is always start/pause (starting in the last used mode) and F4 switches between or starts in the other mode. Stepping mode is not available if a script has been configured.

Pause (stop) the simulation

Select Simulation, Pause from the menu or [Pause the simulation] from the toolbar.

Restart the simulation

Select Simulation, Restart from the menu or [Restart the simulation] from the toolbar.

Restarting the simulation will remove all packets from the network and reset all the bridges including enabling all the bridge ports. If the simulation was running before restarting it will continue to run.

Adjusting the simulation speed

The current speed is visible at the top right of the window next to the speed adjustement slider. The simulation will automatically lower the active speed if there are too many packets on the network to maintain the current speed, eventually pausing if the speed goes below 0.10x real time. The desired speed can be adjusted between 0.10x and 2.00x real time using the slider.