Switching to script mode

Select Mode, Script from the menu or [Script edit mode] from the toolbar. Script elements require pressing enter after modifying text boxes to save the change.

Adding a new script element

Activate the Create Script button if this is a new script or select [Creates a new script element after this one] from the toolbar.

There are two types of script element that can be changed by selecting View or Do on the element.

Deleting a new script element

Select [Deletes this script element] from the toolbar.

Moving a script component up or down

Select [Moves this script element up] or [Moves this script element down] from the toolbar.

Script states

Spanning Tree Protocol Finished

Checks that the spanning tree protocol is finished (all the bridges have the same root ID and all ports are in the forwarding or blocking states) for the part of the network connected to the specified Bridge.

Port State

Waits for a certain Port on the specified Bridge to change to the given state (Disabled, Listening, Learning, Forwarding or Blocking).

Host Received

Waits for the specified To host to receive a packet from the specified From host.

Root ID

Waits for the Root ID on the specified Bridge to change to the given value.


Waits for the specified number of Seconds of network time.

Script actions

Reset Bridges

Resets all the bridges on the network.

Set Port State

Enables or disables the Port on the specified Bridge.

Send Packet

Generates a new packet from the specified From host to the specified To host. Specifying a destination of -1 creates an all hosts packet.

Random Packets

Enables or disables the random packet sending mode on the specified Host.